Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes From the Homefront, Bailey the Cat #1: An Introduction or: An Ode to the Relative Merits of Non-Dry Cat Food

My name is Bailey Lynn Doyle-Exnicios. As my mommy says, thats a big name for a little kitty. I am orange. The vet once called me "red" but I think like most vets she was crazy. I am clearly orange. Here is a picture of me. As you can see, clearly orange.

My days are pretty busy. I have to wake mom up every morning. I think she forgets she has to feed me. When I can finally get mom out of bed, I follow her around to be sure she understands what she is supposed to do - give me wet food as soon as possible. After eating my wet food, I watch birdies on our balcony. Mom goes to work, and I like to take a morning nap in the sun. Then I usually move to the bedroom and take a nap on the bed. I'll stop back by the kitchen for some food and water. Then I nap until mom comes home. When she comes home, I like to scratch my scratching post and then ask my mom for more wet food. I only get wet food in the morning and crunchies at night. Mom and Dad say that crunchies are delicious. As you can tell in this photo, I do not necessarily agree. But I like to ask anyways. I help mommy cook dinner, and then usually help her eat it. Then there is cuddle time and mom scratches my cheeks until we go to bed. Its a lot to handle in one day sometimes.

My dad is away right now. Actually he's been away as long as I've known him - he comes and visits and sleeps on my side of the bed. Then he goes away. Even though he takes my pillow, I like it when he is home. It's another person who can feed me. My dad can't visit right now because he's deployed, my mom says, but he will live with us forever when he gets back. Which is a lot for my little kitty head to understand, so I just cuddle with my mom instead of worrying about it. This is a picture of me and my dad and my mom. Mom is sad too that Dad can't visit us right now. I give her kisses and sleep next to her to keep her company. Dad said it was my job to do that, and I think I do a pretty good job.

Here is a picture of Mom and me watching the Redskins game. I'm not a huge sports fan because when mom and dad watch it they tend to yell and jump around and I enjoy kitty nap time more when it is quiet.

So that's me, Bailey. If we ever meet, please remember that 1) I am orange not red, 2) I like wet food not crunchies, 3) I do not like my belly rubbed but enjoy having my cheeks scratched and 4) I enjoy quiet kitty nap time.


mdoyle said...

Bailey is certainly a busy cat these days, but someday can you tell us tales of her travels and adventures?? Such as her bathtub deathmatch with a Savannah GA cockroach or her many cross country trips by car and plane?
She is truely a remarkable cat

Mrs. Exnicios said...

Bailey will be guest blogging every other week here at Army 2.0, so she has lots of time to share her stories.

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