Thursday, January 31, 2008

Notes From the Homefront, Bailey the Cat #2: An Ode to Living Strong

Despite not mentioning it in my previous post, rubber bands are my favorite things. Well, maybe second favorite after wet food. But definitely my favorite thing with which to play. I do not really like thin rubber bands. They get crinkled into a ball or they break apart easily. They are kind of flimsy and not really my cup of tea. I like the thick purple rubber bands that come on asparagus.

Why are rubber bands so much fun? You can do a lot with them. You can bring them to your Mom and have her throw them. When she throws them you can either 1) watch it and wait to see where it lands, then run after it, 2) you can jump up really high and catch it in your paws or teeth or 3) you can jump up and bat it back towards your mom with you paw. I prefer 1 or 2, though sometimes 3 is a fun game to play. Once you catch it, you can carry it back to your mom for her to throw it again. Sometimes my mom gets lazy and insists that you bring the rubber band right to her, which can delay the game. My mom can get distracted too - reading a book, doing work or something - and I have to bring the rubber band to her and drop it on the book or the computer. Moms can be hard to train sometimes.

While they are not really rubber bands, I really like to play with hair ties and rubber bracelets. My mom tries to keep her hair ties from me, but after watching her a few times, I know when she gets in the shower, she takes her hair ties out and leaves them on the shelf by the medicine cabinet. So I wait for her to get into the shower and then jump on the toilet and can stand on my tip toes to reach the shelf. I think Mom figured that out, though, because she doesn't put her hair ties there anymore. My first rubber bracelet was a Livestrong bracelet. These are really good because they are a little heavier and can fly farther. They also slide across the wood floor really well. I have lots of them now. Though my mom "borrowed" my blue bracelet for prostate cancer to use at her and Dad's wedding. You can see it on her bouquet in this picture. Even though it was "borrowed" I never saw it again. My mom got me a new blue bracelet, but I still miss the old one. I had broken it in and really liked how it flipped in the air.

I hope you can come play rubber band with me some time. Its a fun and easy game that I think everyone enjoys. Oh, if you are visiting my mom, I'm the reason there are bracelets and hair ties all over the floor.


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