Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

"He was born in February 1901, seven months before President William McKinley was assassinated. If Buckles had been born 14 months earlier, he would have lived in three centuries. He has lived through 46 percent of the nation's life, a percentage that rises each morning when he does."

Amazing stuff. One of my maternal great grandfathers was a WWI vet, as I imagine many of our great grandfathers were. It's hard to believe that some folks from their generation are still out there making it happen.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody. I hope that life slows down enough so that each of us has time today to reflect on the sacrifices (final or otherwise) made by those that have gone before us.


Bilbo Baggins said...

Memorial Day is a day to honor those people who did not sacrifice their lives, but those people who had their lives taken from them in a violent manner in unnecessary wars declared by old men.

It is also a day to glorify war and death in order to get more young men to march off to unnecessary wars to the sounds of bugles and the waving of flags. It has been so for all tribes for thousands of years.

chilly said...

Is a day to remember all those that gave all. Also remember and support all the troops that can't with their families.
God Bless them all!

Sue said...

Hi Andrew,
Just found you yesterday when the blogger included your blog in the daily list. I'm glad that I found you in time to see your remembrance here of those who have given so much to keep us free.
I am a military mom and appreciate all that you do, knowing that it's not easy for you and for Lauren.
God bless you and thank you for serving. I'll be visiting often.

sarahjane said...

Your blog is featured on Blogger so, I decided to click on it. You are quite entertaining.
On this Memorial Day, I would like to thank you for serving our country. My twin brother had spent a year in Afghanistan and is back on US soil now. Wishing you a safe and speedy return home.
Also, having followed a few links from your blog, I liked your list of things that you love about your wife. Found humor in the part about registering for baby items on the wedding registry... already being in my 30's and established in life, we have two of everything already; therefore, needing NOTHING for weddng presents. Teased that I wanted to register for baby items since we hope to have children someday. (Mom found NO HUMOR in that though...)
Thanks again for serving our country. You are in my thoughts.

Alan Larimer said...

Happy Memorial Day! All of us service members prefer to be remembered on Veteran's Day, but are ready to sacrifice our lives for the improvement and protection of our nation. I am lucky to have all of my family as veterans. I wish say thank you to all of families of veterans past and present. Lest we forget.

Gab said...

Much is to be recognized and appreciated for all the sacrifices made by our service men and women, as well as their families. Especially during these difficult times.

Though I know of no one personally in the armed forces, I am forever grateful for those who have, and those who continue to support the principles of our country. In spite of the poor judgment of our government officials, our military supports this country, no matter what one's personal beliefs may be.

Saying "Thank You" seems trivial to all that is sacrificed, but prayers from the majority of US citizens are said for you all.

It is because of you, not our government officials, that make us proud to be Americans.

May God Bless you and keep you in his care. And Thank you for All You do, and do without.

chris mandia said...


The Renaissance Man said...

Happy Memorial Day, Sir.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Army 2.0 - great post. I like your Duke B-ball and your transformation from Berkley to Warrior picture.

I plan to keep reading.
Let us know if you need anything over there. My good friend just returned from the same IRR junket to Iraq.

Busy Dad Mumbles.

Exnicios said...

Thanks very much, everyone, for all of the kind Memorial Day messages. Bilbo...thanks for your sharing your honest feelings on the matter, though I think most of us here don't really see the day the same way that you seem to.

Fabricfaire said...

I too wish to say "Thank You" for your serving us to protect all of us that can sit safely and write and read a "blog"!!! I was raised on a Island in S.F. Bay. Can you guess which one?

jayjay said...

very good post!!

Anonymous said...

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