Thursday, February 28, 2008

Notes From the Homefront, Bailey the Cat #3: Mythbusters

Recently while watching TV with my mom, I heard someone ask "cat got your tongue?" I couldn't understand that. Why would someone think a cat has anyone's tongue? That sounds gross and completely unattractive. What would they do with it? As a cat, I can guarantee I have never gotten anyone's tongue. Sometimes when my mom is singing, I put my paw over her mouth to discourage the singing, but I guarantee that I have never tried to take her tongue.

Pondering that one, made me think of some other "cat cliches". One would be "curiosity killed the cat". And while I will be the first to admit that I'm curious, I also have never been killed by this curiosity.

One thing I am especially curious about is gravity. I like to explore gravity - knocking things to the ground from various heights to see if gravity brings it to the ground each time. I have yet to find an object that does not fall to the ground, with the exception of balloons maybe. But I keep trying, and I plan to write a paper on my discoveries one day. And most importantly - I do not plan for my exploring to lead to my death.

Another cliche/saying is "cat's cradle." I don't get this because I have never known a cat to have a cradle. I have a basket. I have a plushy box. I have a scratchy box with cat nip. I have a tent. I have a scratchy post. I like to sleep in bags. But I do not have a cradle. Maybe other cats have cradles, but I doubt it.

Lastly, there are two phrases with which I agree. The first - cat like grace/reflexes. Cats are pretty awesome and graceful and reflexful. I can leap and balance and climb--all with the utmost grace. So I get that one.

The second phrase is "who let the cat out of the bag". I would like to know who let the cat out of the bag too, because cat's like being in the bag. I like to climb into mommy's suitcases or grocery bags. Some bags crinkle and that's pretty exciting. Some bags smell like other places. So while I think that the creator of that phrase got it right with a cat in a bag, I just ask that everyone keep the cat there.


Christopher said...

Once again, Murphey read one of your posts about cats and got pissed off. Thanks dude, now I have to tire him out so he'll sleep and stop using the internet.

Alison said...

Nemo and Hambo agree whole-heartedly! Except to be honest, Nemo is not really that graceful . . . CUTE, just not graceful. Please don't tell him. Hambo would also like to add his own experimental results concerning gravity. It doesn't matter if something has liquid in it or if it's empty, gravity still acts. And all vessels that are standing up MUST be knocked down; they offend him.

Mrs. Exnicios said...

I think Bailey would be willing to co-author something about their results. Bailey is also extremely interested in how liquid effects things standing up and whether that liquid remains when you knock the object over.

Sharon said...

Stella and Bogie just stumbled across your blog (must have been during one of their catnip stupors) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And, like Baily, Stella loves to "test gravity." She since has taught Bogie what fun it is to gently push things off tables and shelves. At 2:00 a.m. Oh, joy!

Click here to see Stella and Bogie's blog entry.

A Musician by Grace

Exnicios said...

Thanks for the note, Sharon!

I was just talking to Mrs. Exnicios about Bailey, who hasn't posted in a couple of months...I think she'll have a little more to say in the not too distant future, will Bailey.

In the meantime I'll definitely check out what Stella and Bogie have to say.

Sharon said...

Alas, Stella and Bogie don't have much to say on the blog. Thus, I must be their spokesman.

I do look forward to hearing more from Baily!

A Musician by Grace

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