Friday, July 6, 2007

Busses are for Suckers

Well, the results are in--we're flying from here to Fort Bragg after all. I think it's worthwhile to examine this decision, as we need to dig just a tad deeper in order to reveal the true brilliance of "fly" vs. "ride".

Fort Jackson and Fort Bragg are about 175 miles apart, give or take.

We're leaving Fort Jackson tomorrow at 0700 for a--wait for it--1230PM flight. That's 5.5 hours to move 25 miles to the airport, check in, and make our plane.

That first plane will take us in the exact opposite direction of Fort Bragg, to Charlotte, NC. From there, we take a second flight to Fayettville, where bus/van transportation to Fort Bragg will await our arrival. For those of you keeping score, that's another 15 miles of driving.

That said, we should arrive at Fort Bragg at around 4PM tomorrow. So all told, we're looking at 40 miles driving, and 9 hours of total travel time, all so we can spend MORE money than it would take for the 4 of us to load in a car and do the 2.5 hour drive from here to there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the above: my thesis statement on why the Army is awesometastic, and the terrorists don't stand a chance. Keep on Surgin' boys, keep on Surgin.


auntjoan said...

We are driving 16 hours tomorrow,want to trade

Exnicios said...

Have a safe drive back from Tennessee, Aunt Joan! Glad y'all had so much fun there.

Mrs. Exnicios said...

Are you not answering my calls because you are busy photo shopping? Makes yesterday's post seem just a bit disingenuous. . . wish you could help indeed!

Christopher said...

That rules! That's the exact opposite of my awesome travel situation when we loaded up in 20 rented minivans and drove three days from Riley to Stewart.

The Cordawg said...

The fucks your beef with buses asshole. They are the peoples chariot, and for the following four reasons are not for "suckers:"
1) They are yellow and anything yellow is obviously friendly, unlike you-- bus hater;
2) Discounting the first time, did Bin Laden hijack a bus and crash that into the world trade centre, I think not, score two for buses;
3) Have you ever heard of the magic school bus, hmm a magical bus, how many magical airliners or cruise ships can you fathom-- correct, none;
4) Modestly priced, fuel efficent, eco-friendly transportation, not the domain of your average sap, mother fucker.

Points to ponder.

Anonymous said...

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