Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Eagle has Landed


After an unnecessarily eventful drive down from VA, I'm here at Fort Jackson, SC ready for action. Which is to say that I arrived at 1PM, filled out paperwork for an hour, and now have the rest of the day to sit around and wonder "hmm, just how bad would an OTH discharge really have been, anyways???"

But, signed in as I am, there's no turning back now.

Living conditions look to be pretty decent. I'm in an air conditioned computer lab now (it's pushing 100 outside). I live in an open bay barracks with wall lockers, Army linens (scratchy wool and worn out cotton) and communal bathrooms--but again, they have A/C, which makes the whole thing tolerable.

In our immediate area there is a shoppette (think 7-11 crossed with an Army sock/shirt store), a bar we can go drink beers at at night (no kidding), and a decent looking dining facility that I'll report back on after dinner. I've also been led to believe that there is a Gym somewhere in the vicinity--not that you don't get your daily exercise pretty well knocked out simply by sweating your way from one building to the next, but still, Gyms are nice to have.

Tomorrow morning our first formation is at 0500, which isn't any fun--but twas expected, so no big deal. From there I think we're going to spend a long day getting our pay started, our paperwork approved, and our persons medically examined. Awesome.

I'd ramble on for more, but I think I've probably already broken my "no-long-winded posts" promise from earlier this week. Besides, if I revealed all of this weeks exciting secrets now, what motivation would you have to come back later this week to check in on my exciting progress?

Love and kisses to all, and I'll catch you soon.


Jeff Mac said...

Getting to Jackson via plane is a bit different.

First AS LATE AS POSSIBLE! Take advantage of and enjoy your last day of "freedom"'ll get paid the same amount regardless of whether you show up at 8:00AM or 11:59PM. The ladies at Carson Wagonlit should hook you up with a later flight from wherever you're coming from. Technically as long as you're here by midnight on the date of your orders you're good. However, to be honest, I don't think anyone would care if you got here a day, maybe two days later (not that I'm suggesting this)...they're just happy you're here.

Once you arrive at Columbia airport you'll see an *Army/Navy IRR kiosk/stand at the bottom of the escalater at "baggage claim" with "hopefully" somebody waiting to take you to Camp McCrady/Ft. Jackson. If there is somebody'll get your bags and likely wait around a while until other flights come in (with other unlucky soles on them). Once the guy decides that he doesn't want to wait around any more you'll get in a van and drive 45 min. or so to Camp McCrady (in the middle of nowhere)....where you'll be greeted by the less than friendly staff duty to issue you your linens and tell you where you'll be sleeping.

*Note: the shuttle service guy will want to keep a copy of your orders (this is their "proof" that they're doing their job).

If nobody is at the kiosk to greet you...I'd try and call the "Columbia Shuttle Service" to see where they are. If they can't pick you up/aren't there...then you'll have to pay for a taxi to Camp McCrady which will run you about $50 so I'm told. Hopefully in processing your TDY/travel pay the Army will reimburse don't forget to keep all your receipts!

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